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Guide to read football betting odds in the simplest and easiest way

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Watching football odds can't be difficult for experienced bettors in the field of football betting. However, it's an entirely new world for newcomers dipping their toes into this path. That's why today we will suggest the most best football tips for today correct score to read football odds so you can have a clearer understanding of this betting discipline.


Symbols to note when reading football odds

When starting to bet on football at bookmakers, it's important to understand the following key symbols to know how to read football odds:

Match: This section notifies players about the match schedule and kickoff time.

Bet type selection: In this section, you will choose to bet on the full match (Full) or the first half (1st Half).

Choose the type of football betting odds: Each football match at bookmakers will have various forms of betting, specifically:

Asian Handicap (AH) odds: Also known as Handicap or spread odds when betting at bookmakers. The team with the upper hand in the handicap is usually set in advance for easy tracking. Along with that, the odds will be displayed immediately when playing.

European Handicap (EH) odds: Another name for EH is HAD 1×2. Players can bet on both teams drawing with the same score or bet on which team will win.

Over/Under (O/U) odds: Also known as Over Under or O/U odds or over/under bet. The O or U symbols will be clearly displayed on the bookmaker's betting board.

Odd/Even odds: When participating in this bet, you will bet on the total number of goals that can be scored in the match. When betting even, choose Even, when betting odd, choose Odd. The bookmaker will provide the corresponding odds for these two options.

Revealing how to read football odds

Once you've understood the symbols we've summarized above, interpreting football odds will be much simpler. However, you need to avoid confusing odds because there are countless types of odds with different ratios. This can be quite challenging for beginners. Here are some guidelines on how to read odds:

3/4 odds or 0.75 odds or 0.5/1 odds: When playing this type of odds, the home team needs to lead the away team by at least 2 goals to be considered a win. This is also the basis for determining whether the player wins or not. However, you can also recover some of your bet with the rule set by the bookmaker, which states that if the team loses by 1 goal, you will receive half of the amount you bet.

1/2 odds or 0.5 odds: According to this type of odds, the home team will give the away team half a goal. That means whichever team wins the whole match will win the bet, so you will win if you bet on them. However, if the two teams draw, the win will go to the away team that was given the handicap.

1/4 odds or 0.25 odds: Based on the convention that the home team is the upper hand, with 1/4 odds, the home team will give the away team half a goal. That means if the home team loses or draws, you will lose all your bet.

1 odds or draw odds: This odds implies that the player chooses the away team to be given a 1-goal handicap by the home team. If the home team leads the opponent by 2 goals, it wins; however, if it leads by only 1 goal, it's considered a draw, and at this point, the away team will be awarded the win.

1.75 odds: Only when the home team scores 3 or more goals will it be considered a win. In the case of only scoring 2 goals, the underdog loses half, the upper hand wins half. If the home team wins by 1 goal, the underdog wins, the upper hand loses. If the final result is a draw, the player betting on the away team will receive the win.

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Handicap 1.25 or handicap 1/1.5

Similar to other types of handicaps, the home team gives the away team a 1.5-goal handicap. When the home team's goal difference is more than 2, the home team wins. However, if the difference is only 1 goal, the away team wins half the bet amount, and the home team loses half the bet amount. If the away team draws or wins, those who bet on the home team lose their entire bet amount.

When the home team's goal difference is more than 2, the home team wins with a handicap of 1.25.

Handicap 1.5 or handicap 1 ½

In this case, the home team gives a 1.5-goal handicap to the away team. If the home team's goal difference is 2 goals or more, they win. However, if they only draw or win by 1 goal, the away team wins.

Handicap 2 goals

When understanding how to read this football handicap, remember that the home team must score at least 3 more goals than the away team to win. If the difference is only 2 goals, it's considered a draw, and if the difference is 1 goal, it's counted as a loss, resulting in the underdog winning.

Handicap 2.25

You only win the bet if the home team's goal difference is 3 or more goals. If the difference is 2 goals, the underdog wins half the bet amount, and the favorite loses half. However, if the home team's lead is only 1 goal or if it's a tie, the underdog wins.

Handicap 2.5

The home team must lead by at least 3 goals to win. Meanwhile, in all cases where the difference is 0, 1, or 2 goals, the away team is considered the winner.

The home team must win by 3 goals to win when playing with a handicap of 2.5.

Handicap 2.75

In this scenario, the home team gives a 2.5 – 3 goal handicap to the away team. Thus, the home team must win by 4 goals to win. If they lead by 3 goals, the underdog loses half the bet amount, and the favorite wins half. Conversely, if the home team's lead is only 0, 1, or 2 goals, the underdog wins completely.

Important Note before Choosing Football Handicaps

As mentioned, bookmakers provide all the symbols and statistics for you to follow on the odds board for each match. It's usually displayed in a list corresponding to each different match. By observing these details on the board, you'll surely understand some important points:

The home team usually occupies the top position, and the bottom position is for the away team.

If both teams have to play on a neutral field, you'll see the letter 'N' displayed on the board.

The team with stronger ability and evaluation is marked in red, while the other team with weaker fighting spirit is marked differently.

When the colors of both teams are the same, it means they are equally matched in terms of skill and evaluation.

Bookmakers offer many different types of handicaps for you to choose from. Among them are handicaps for each half separately or handicaps for the whole match.



Through the article, we can see that initially, anyone can be confused and overwhelmed by the many types of football handicaps. However, as long as players are willing to spend a little time to understand football tips website the symbols and related information, everything can be achieved. From there, learning how to read football handicaps becomes incredibly simple and accessible. Don't forget to practice regularly and experience football betting at bookmakers if you're interested!


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